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        Accounting, finance, hospitality, human resources, marketing, more...
        Criminal Justice
        Law enforcement, forensic science, paralegal, public administration, more...
        Culinary Arts
        Culinary arts, patisserie and baking and hospitality management...
        Design Studies
        Graphic design, advertising, audio and video production, interior design, fashion design, photography, more...
        Educational studies and instructional technologies...
        Engineering and Computer Science
        Electrical, software and systems engineering, computer science, more...
        General Studies
        Includes a range of liberal arts concentrations.
        Dental care, healthcare management, sonography, physical therapy, anaesthesiology, more...
        Information Technology
        Computer programming, electronic commerce, network security, systems engineering Web development, more...
        Paralegal studies, secretarial studies and court reporting.
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        Schools With Business Administration Degree Programs

        Online or on campus, you can choose from undergraduate and graduate programs in the field of business administration.

        To learn more about institutional and/or programmatic accreditation please select the school you are interested in from the locations below.


        Business Administration Program Profile

        • Program Focus
        • Student Life
        • Field of Interest

        Program Focus

        In 2007-2008, business was the most popular undergraduate major1, and second-most popular field of study for master’s degree students2. Business administration degrees aim to create well-rounded, professional graduates who understand:

        • Micro- and macroeconomic factors that affect businesses
        • Principles of business functions including marketing, accounting, finance, and more Effective decision-making and research processes
        • Legal and ethical aspects of business

        Students in our business administration degree programs also have the option to choose from a number of concentrations and specializations**, for in-depth study of functions and industries, such as:

        • Human Resource Management
        • Property Management
        • Healthcare Management
        • International Business

        **Concentrations and specializations vary by school and degree level.

        1U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, 1997–98, 2002–03, and 2007–08 Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, "Completions Survey" (IPEDS-C:97–98), and Fall 2003 and Fall 2008.

        2U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Higher Education General Information Survey (HEGIS), "Degrees and Other Formal Awards Conferred" surveys, 1970-71 through 1985-86; and 1990-91 through 2007-08 Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, "Completions Survey" (IPEDS-C:91-99), and Fall 2000 through Fall 2008.

        Student Life

        At every degree level, students in our business administration programs undertake project- and team-based learning that reflects the real-world business environment. Learn from experienced business professionals who can offer industry-current knowledge of your course topics.

        Students both online and on-campus can take advantage of our Career Services departments. All schools have a dedicated Career Services staff that aims to help accounting students identify, clarify, and pursue their academic and professional goals.

        Finally, our schools’ Alumni Associations offer additional opportunities for students and graduates to make important connections—professional and personal.

        Field of Interest

        Business Administration
        Effective business decision-making requires an understanding of business functions, such as marketing and accounting, and business context, including the legal environment and the larger economy.

        • Key Traits: Organization, critical thinking, attention to detail.
        • Education Required: Associate degree (support roles), bachelor degree (entry-level), master’s degree (advanced or management roles). Some roles may require third-party certificates* or licensing.
        • Where Business Administration Is Needed: Small and large businesses in many industries, non-profit organizations, including hospitals and universities, government departments, and more. does not guarantee employment or salary.

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        * Source:

        Student Outcomes and Disclosures

        CEC schools do not guarantee third-party certifications. Certification requirements for taking and passing certification examinations are not controlled by CEC schools but by outside agencies and are subject to change by the agencies without notice to CEC schools. Therefore, CEC schools cannot guarantee that graduates will be eligible to take certification examinations, regardless of their eligibility status upon enrollment.

        Career Paths

        • Select A Program
        • Accounting
        • Business Administration
        • Business Administration - Finance
        • Human Resource Management
        • International Business
        • Marketing
        • Merchandising Management
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        • Criminal Justice
        • Select A Program
        • Culinary Arts
        • Hospitality and Restaurant Management
        • Patisserie and Baking
        • Select A Program
        • Animation
        • Audio Production
        • Digital Art and Technology
        • Fashion Design
        • Game Production
        • Graphic Design
        • Interactive Media
        • Interior Design
        • Media Production
        • Professional Photography
        • Visual Communications
        • Visual Journalism
        • Select A Program
        • Education
        • Select A Program
        • Computer Engineering
        • Computer Science
        • Electrical Engineering
        • Software Engineering
        • Select A Program
        • General Studies
        • Select A Program
        • Allied-Health
        • Anesthesia Technology
        • Cardiovascular Technology
        • Dental Care
        • Dialysis Technology
        • Emergency Medical Technician
        • Healthcare Management
        • Massage Therapy
        • Medical Assistant
        • Medical Billing and Coding
        • Nursing
        • Office Administration - Medical
        • Pharmacy Technician
        • Radiography
        • Respiratory Therapy
        • Sonography
        • Surgical Technology
        • Veterinary Technology
        • Select A Program
        • Electronics Technology Programs
        • Enterprise Information Systems Programs
        • General Computer Studies
        • Information Systems Management Programs
        • Information Technology/Security Programs
        • Network Management Programs
        • Software Systems Engineering Programs
        • Web Development Programs
        • Select A Program
        • Office Administration - Legal
        • Paralegal Studies Programs